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Fixing and recycling our broken electronics is much better for the environment than putting them in the landfill.

We correctly dispose of all e-waste, recycling all reusable material. The Junction offers New Plymouth’s e-waste collection in partnership with E-Cycle. We look forward to developing this service in the future to provide the most efficient and cost-effective way for our community to divert waste from landfill.

Pricing to drop off e-waste as detailed below includes the cost of handling and recycling processes to ensure all reusable materials are extracted and the impact on our environment is minimised.

E-Waste Prices

CRT TV, CRT computer monitor


Flat panel TV


LCD computer monitor



Desktop computer, server, UPS, keyboard, docking station, DVD/VCR player, stereo speaker


Laptop computer, modem, switch, router, computer speaker



Small printer, scanner, fax machine (<0.05m3)


Small photocopier (<0.5m3)



Alarm clock, camera, heater, fan, microwave, stereo amplifier, gaming console







Washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven



Other items – price on application